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What is Sync Licensing? I labelmiraclestudioapps

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

What is Sync Licensing? For our fifth “Hap­py Hour” of 2021, we invit­ed esteemed film director/producer and music super­vi­sor Jonathan McHugh and Song­tradr’s SVP of Glob­al Plat­form Sales Nick Wool­lard to dis­cuss the many facets of sync licens­ing. In an enter­tain­ing hour-long con­ver­sa­tion, we spoke about the dos and don’ts of nego­ti­at­ing sync licens­es, dived into some need-to-know sync licens­ing def­i­n­i­tions, and dis­cussed tips on how to pitch music supervisors. Happy Hour Guests

  • Jonathan McHugh — Jonathan is a doc­u­men­tary film director/producer and music super­vi­sor who has pro­duced over thir­ty films and TV shows, includ­ing Justin Bieber: Nev­er Say Nev­er. He has also music super­vised sev­en­ty-five films and TV series, includ­ing the Cinemax/HBO TV series Jett and Blindspot­ting star­ring Dav­eed Diggs.

  • Nick Wool­lard — Nick is a music and tech­nol­o­gy expert with 15 years of expe­ri­ence build­ing scaled, glob­al licens­ing solu­tions for adver­tis­ers, brands, and tele­vi­sion pro­duc­ers. He has expe­ri­ence run­ning glob­al sync teams, bring­ing new prod­ucts to mar­ket, and work­ing as a senior exec­u­tive in high-growth music busi­ness­es. Pri­or to join­ing Song­tradr, he stud­ied at the renowned Swedish Cre­ative Busi­ness School, Hyper Island, com­plet­ing an MA in Dig­i­tal Management.

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