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5 Most Popular YouTube OAC in 2022 I labelmiraclestudioapps

Updated: May 25, 2022

5 Most Popular YouTube OAC in 2022

YouTube OAC, is the most attention-grabbing channel for cyberspace users. Because the channel they have has unique content. Of course, an owner is a popular person on social media.

This makes it easy for them to attract followers. It's no longer a secret if recently public figures have started to dive into the virtual world as YouTubers.

In fact, they are very serious to pursue it. By forming a team to work on YouTube content to become hits and viral.

Strong commitment to unique content. And the influence of his big-name makes YouTube OAC have millions of subscribers in a very short period of time.

So, who is able to generate millions of subscribers and the most phenomenal? This is the list of the coolest and most subscribed artists in 2022.

Top 5 YouTube OAC

Surely you often do not surf the Maya world. Especially in accessing YouTube to see cool and unique content. Not infrequently the content c


omes from public figures who are currently popular. With a big name, he is able to present unique and inspiring content, who are they?

  1. Youtuber Ria Ricis

Ria Ricis is the wife of Tengku Ryan, a young businessman. In 2016, he has owned the channel until March 18, 2022. His subscribers have increased to 29.5 million. Youtube, which is named Ricis official, has created 1,700 unique videos. If he is consistent, then the subscriber will increase even more.

2. YouTuber Atta Halilintar

Built-in 2014 YouTube channel under the name AH. The husband of Aurel Hermansyah is able to generate 29.5 million subscribers. He has uploaded more than 1,600 videos about his private activities with friends and partners. In addition, Atta Halilintar also has a podcast. Invited guests are top guest stars. House raids and pranks are the most viral content.

3. YouTubers Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina

The next YouTube OAC came from the Sultan of Andara, namely Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina. Rans Entertainment has 23, million subscribers and uploaded 2,700 videos. Built-in 2015, this YouTube channel, showcases his activities with his family and crew. In fact, he also founded a podcast that contains animation for children and culinary.

4. YouTuber Baim Wong

Next is Baim and Paula's YouTube channel. Built-in 2016, this channel is capable of uploading 1,700 videos.

This couple even has 20.2 million subscribers. Its flagship content is a prank that is so viral.

5. YouTuber Deddy Corbuzier

The last YouTuber fell on Deddy Corbuzier. He has uploaded 1,000 content on his channel with 17.9 million subscribers. The most trending YouTube content is a podcast called Close the Door. In the space of one month, his content has been viewed by users 91 million times. Because of this, a new nickname was pinned to him, namely the king of podcasts.

His content indeed captivates the audience. In fact, he was able to bring in unique and interesting guest stars.

That's the trending YouTube OAC, 2022. Which of them is your choice? Content that always grabs attention? Or a podcast that invites some funny and quirky guest stars?

Artikels by : miraclestudioapps LLC
Author by : Frans
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