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This website is 100% property of miraclestudioapps,


This website is created for representatives of the MStudio brand named, which is engaged in the world music industry.


all content on this web is 100% owned by labelmiraclestudioapps.

  1. By working with us, it means that you agree and comply with the applicable legal regulations.


    2.Result sharing system in labelmiraclestudioapps:

  • 95% Artist

  • 5% labelmiraclestudioapps

    3. If You Get 1 Infringements ( Problem Not Solve, You must pay $300 for law ), it will be taken from your royalties (if your royalties are not enough, then your royalties will be totaled from the previous royalties, and then deducted). or you must pay $ 300 without deducting royalties.


Artist's income on the portal is posted as much as $ 100,000, so when an artist makes a withdrawal, we will send $ 95,000 to the artist, (No VAT, because VAT is taken from the 5% fee earlier)


    4. Your Revenue can only be sent to a Bank Account, according to the name / data registered with us (In accordance with E-KTP / ID Card)


    5.Unlike other music aggregators, which directly take 5% of the artist's income, without the knowledge of the artist, but we     are not like that, we work competently and transparently.


This fee is quite cheap because we are more transparent in post earnings of our artists,

    6.With the cost of one time then your music will be active forever in the world of digital music stores, (Except labelmiraclestudioapps already closed).

The Company

Contact Us

+44 787 220 6342

+62 812 6911 5771

Grand Jati Junction Mall, Level P1, North Sm 20231, & Lewes, Delaware 19958,

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